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Hi Mr. Canova, the wolfpac resolution to amend the constitution on the topic of election reform has not yet passed in Florida, will you support it?

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K just don't eat cheese.

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Don't lie we all know it's helper.

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Ummm I've never seen this before. Where can they be purchased.

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I had a similar experience! Counter top deep fryer in the satellite kitchen was set up on a wonky table and flipped over spilling oil on my arm down my side and into my shoes. Worst burns on my arm and ankles. All deep thickness burns. Lots of lancing the boils at the er.

Huge amounts of pain over time biggest issue was that you have to remember all of those wounds are open at all times now. I got a staph infection on one of my ankle and couldn't walk. That was the most painful thing I've ever dealt with. Don't do that.

Good Luck! Don't forget to get your work comp settled out immediately, your owners won't care and don't expect anyone to hold a job for you while you recover. Seems like you weren't on the clock so they may not cover you at all did you get on the clock at all or are they going to cover you anyway?