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Tommy & Kevin, there is often the focus of the first ascent in climbing how important is it to you personally that second ascent completes a climb? Additionally how often do you have to take a belay test at gyms?

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Steph Davis said it was a pain in her ama. Honnald got his lead ticket pulled at pipeworks once. I want to know if anyone has hassled them.

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How well does the car hold a charge at freezing temps? also do you know how well it would hold a charge in really cold weather like -20C to -30C?

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Interesting you bring up Steph Davis. I associat her more with climbing and free soloing. Do you think her free soloing experience changes her decision making to walk away relative to those who don't free solo? Also do you think there is a difference between base jumping with the salience of the ground? (As an example climbing a multi pitch im more comfortable way off the ground relative to the first pitch of a climb due to proximity to ground).

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If you want to hear more on the subject of that in relation to extreme sports either read Alex Honnalds book alone on the wall or watch Free solo. He has a similar take on risk and consequence.