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If you've ever watched Kitchen Nightmares you'll know that one of the main reasons restaurants go out of business is because the owners got into the business because they love food and the idea of owning a restaurant but they had no real knowledge of how to run a restaurant.

This seems like a similar story. You love playing games. So hey let's make games. With no real knowledge of how to do so.

Why didn't you develop a game as a learning exercise before starting a business and paying employees?

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Can you provide a little more context? Your show is essentially about the cost of food, and Locol was an attempt to address this at a neighborhood level. If the economy played a role in the closing of Locol stores, wouldn’t it be an example of how the cost of food isn’t as simple as charging less for food?

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Keto doesn’t encourage protein intake any more than a traditional diet. Between 15-25% of either diet should be protein (or some say between 0.5-1g per lb of body weight)

Keto is high fat, moderate protein, low carb People tend to think it is high protein because of social media recipes with piles of bacon, etc.

The standard keto macros are 75% fats, 20% protein, 5% carbs

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Hey Chef

Why do you think Locol didn’t work out? I thought it was a great idea, but I’m not really the target demographic.

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Congrats on using the Internet to fund your failing business. The dream is alive.

However I still feel the same way I did when you posted your last AmA

You started a business without knowing anything about said business (besides being a consumer). And when it failed, you turned to Reddit as a means to fund your mistakes. You haven't said anything here stating that you've learned from your mistakes or how you are correcting them. Just that you got the money thanks to Reddit.

What's your future business plan? Did all of the money made from Kickstarter go towards that one game?