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I believe the deathly smell comes from the proteins in the blood - they break down to for example lysine (amino acid, part of proteins) that decarboxylates to.... cadaverine, which smells... well...

I doubt you can stop the protein breakdown and decarboxylation when you ferment. Your only hope is to get rid of the cadaverine, or putrescine, another one. Both are diamines. No idea if simply adding diamine oxidase will work (probably wont).


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Do you purify the protein? I dont exoect that your host cell proteins are just as tasty...

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What about drinking? I brew my own beer and my gut gets a good dose of servomyces and brettanomyces also

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Were lucky we live in Denmark - shes been granted 2.5 months paid sick leave, doctor and psychologist. She will start really slow like 10 hour week max.

But she is now beginning to stress that shes not feeling any substantial improvement in symptoms. Shes not the patient type heh...

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How bad can the physical symptoms of stress/anxiety/depression become? My wife recently "had too much" and shes surprised how crippled she became - to the point of generating anxiety for her health (she is seeing a doctor). She hust has a hard time comprehending how she can feel so physically bad (no energy, body pains, all sorts of hormonal issues like hair loss, marks on nails etc).