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This. It's going to become the standard defense by politicians and celebrities against video evidence "LOL that wasn't me that was a deepfake".

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So we need to fight against this possibility

how do we do that, exactly?

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To what extent do you believe that all these tracking applications are people "not letting a crisis go to waste" and just using the virus to further their own schemes of power and control?

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Hi, I'm a hardware architect. This can be done using a public key infrastructure and (sigh) blockchain. It's not easy but it's straightforward. See my earlier comment.

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You talk a lot about governmental policy solutions. What technological solutions should we be working on as well?

Some intermediate ideas:

Deepfakes technological countermeasures: Security camera and police camera video has to have embedded video frame signing using their hardware embedded private key and their serial number. All cameras have serial number public keys available on the website of the manufacturer and verified by blockchain so manufacturers can't edit after the fact. Therefore video frames can trivially be shown to have been altered or not by examining the signature on each frame. Sizing / scaling the video of course breaks traceability. Could use mkv containers to contain rescaled versions of all frames that are all signed.

Cyberstalking / doxxing tech countermeasures: Automated fuzzing of personal data in online comments and ML that detects when you're posting something that could be used to trace you. You're not from Brooklyn, you're from Yonkers. You're not 34, you're 35. You don't work at Google, you work at Amazon.