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slackerelite43 karma

Did you know it was Diesel Boy that stole the Heineken out of your trailer in Portland Oregon?

slackerelite36 karma

So you were north of Hue, south of the DMZ?

slackerelite27 karma

So this is the post Tet and Khe San era in the north and your job was to maintain supremacy in the area?

slackerelite24 karma

You would go out, post up, wait for activity, observe, count how many there were, what they were armed with and then set up an ambush?

slackerelite23 karma

The most memorable ambush. What did your day start like? When you spotted them, how long did you observe them for. What was your procedure after seeing them for the first time? You have access to a fire base? Walk us through this from first observation to finally returning to base.