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It's hard to deny food, shelter and a standard of living to people, though. A follow-up: what are some steps you think could be taken to mitigate this while improving quality of life for Africans?

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Outlander is an 80s soft scifi/fantasy novel with romance elements which reminds me a lot of when you tried to do Pern.

  1. What draws you in particular to these scifi series that skew a little more female than most?

  2. Do you ever think about going back to Pern and finishing that project?

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Thanks for answering!

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Not related, but man, pork is the worst if you quit eating it or develop a reaction. I started keeping kosher, and then a few years later went to Italy and couldn't figure out why I kept getting ill, and it turns out they even make the bread with lard. Go figure.

So anyway: if you like pork, never go off it even for a few years.

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Thanks for the response. I really enjoy your female characters (Kira! Starbuck!) so that's an awesome answer.

I suspect you might be right about Pern. :S