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A few years back I was trying to get to Minneapolis for Christmas. I was poor and direct tickets were very, very expensive so I decided to fly into Chicago and drive up.

The flight I was on had to land in Minneapolis for a couple of hours because of a snowstorms at O'Hare. We got off the plane and I tried to convince the gate agent to help me out, but I was informed that they'd cancel my return ticket if I left.

So instead of just getting off in the city I needed to be in, I had to reboard the plane, fly to Chicago and then drive the six damn hours through Wisconsin in a snowstorm to get back to where I'd been earlier in the day.

On a related point: Fuck you, American Airlines.

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My theory is that Sam is actually the greatest warrior in the history of the Seven Kingdoms, his major problem being that he's too lethal.

I mean, they end the season and this guy's surrounded by an army of the dead. Next season? He's back with the crows, no explanation. The obvious conclusion here is that he greased all those motherfuckers like it weren't no thang. That White Walker he killed later on probably brought back fond memories.

But he only knows how to straight up kill, right? So back when he was in training with the Watch he was totally useless because he had no clue how to fight without slaughtering everyone present. So he held back and let the other guys take a couple of shots at him.

Just you wait.

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Nuclear, at least initially.

A wind farm on Mars would be impractical due to the very low density of the atmosphere -- even a very strong wind wouldn't turn a terrestrial turbine. Solar has the same dust problem that he mentioned (down to 5% in wind storms).

A small reactor, on the other hand, could be built to be very simple, very safe and to provide consistent power for years.

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There are several ways to build a closed-system nuclear reactor -- the US put one into space way back in the mid-60s and the Russians have launched several.

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The thing that strikes me as most false about Cap is his 21st century sensibilities -- I would have been so much happier if he'd had more of a 'Mad Men' attitude at SHIELD.