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You can usually get better deals via the hostel website itself. Sort on HW, then go to that hostel's website to book.

HW take large cut and hostels will incentivize not to use them.

EDIT: To clarify, I wrote below. Source: worked at hostel

So lets say a hostel is $25/night. If you pay on HostelWorld, they'll take a "deposit" of 15%, which is really a booking fee. The hostel itself will never see any part of that deposit. So, in reality, the hostel is getting $21.25 for that reservation. The hostel has the incentive (up to 15%) to NOT have you book on HW. Therefore, you'll find 10% off for booking on their site (for example). Either way, it is better for the hostel if you book on their site, over HW

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what is a typical day like? (if it exists)

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were you there when kevin rose was still actively involved? how did morale change as he spent less time on it and when he resigned?

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Say I have $10,000 and want to make the biggest possible impact in the world. Lets say I think that is directly saving lives. How should I spend that 10k to best accomplish that goal of saving lives?

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so, for example today, what issue was most important?