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What is your favorite way to alter a cheap, supermarket-bought, processed item to make it palatable (e.g. boxed Mac and Cheese, Ramen, etc.)? You know, for bachelors. And broke people.

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When you were working on "Let's Dance", what was the experience like with Stevie Ray Vaughan? I've always wondered about this since the song is different from his usual blues-rock territory. Did he need a few passes to get the hang of it? Sure, he's a phenomenal player. But this was somewhat out of his wheelhouse. And worked out great!

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I'll bet your student has one parent who is a Witness (likely mother) and one who isn't. Generally, JWs frown on karate classes. But the kid still wants it and dad may have insisted, since he has to put up with all the no-birthday, no-holiday crap.

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I absolutely LOVE playing over that song myself. The chord changes are a joy to weave around. I'm sure he was so stoked. Thank you for this answer!

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Yeah. Get on this right away. Check out the book on Amazon called "Before You Open the Door." It hasn't a great section on what to do if a loved one starts getting targeted by JWs.