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Has the rest of ukraine given up on retaining/regaining Crimea?

Do you worry that if Russia succeeds in annexing Crimea it will grow even bolder?

In the west it is mainly accepted that the talk of Russian speaking Crimeans being in danger of oppression was a fabricated pretext to allow Russia an excuse to invade, but if you accept this as false what do you think Russia/Putins real motivations were? Is it purely the naval base?

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This is a blatant plug here as i work in an office interior design company but here is some of the stuff we are quite proud of:

Alice in Wonderland Offices

another office

google London offices

another office

like i said blatant plug here so if you are offended by that dont click the links, just trying to show r/rotzverpopelt some cool offices.

also those offices you posted are really cool but much like the article mentioned i have no idea how they are going to care for those trees as they grow or how they are going to handle problems caused by the roots, but truly cool idea never the less.

Edit: to add this link of a time-lapse of the Alice in wonderland office being built as people seem to like that one.