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This might be really fucked up, but I'll just say it:

The Nazi's took a population of 9 million people, subjected it to extreme selection pressures, and then were defeated by the allies, releasing the 3 million people who managed to survive. They tried to use eugenic to make a super-race of Germans, but if anything they would have produced a super-race of Jews.
Think about it. Much of Jewish intelligentsia fled Germany soon after the Nazi's came to power. This selected for whatever genetic influences there are on intelligence. The harsh conditions in camp selected for traits that gave prisoners better immune systems and more efficient metabolisms.

NOTE: I in no way whatsoever support eugenics, culling of human populations, or anything that causes anybody anywhere to suffer in anyway. Eugenics is both incredibly unethical and scientifically preposterous.

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The writing that Kelly disapproves of being posted, is there any chance there could be a book or something containing those comics?

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Ladybugs eat aphids too, but they aren't assholes about it.