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skyboy4241 karma

What’s your opinion about Basic Economy and other a la carte / no-frills / ULCC pricing strategies, now that they’ve become so pervasive? Are they truly an inevitable response to market demand for lower cost tickets, or (as I feel) an increasingly irritating kind of bait-and-switch marketing... designed to hook buyers on the idea of cheap travel while taking away most once-included standard features of air travel?

I can understand how thrifty, travel-light travelers can dig ‘em but as someone who now has a family with a small child, I find it super frustrating... by the time I added a small luggage allowance and family seating for our trip to Europe, Norwegian Air tickets grew to nearly 2x the advertised base fare. (We’re still going, so they won this time. ;-)

Would love a flight search tool that would let me filter out Basic fares, or configure pricing with e.g. a certain number of bags so I don’t have to guess or search for what my total cost is likely to be.