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I posted this below, and I'm reposting it for exposure. I can't tell if you're ignorant of the greater community, and just someone else getting sucked into the fake myth of McKamey, but you're playing a part in him continuing to hurt people, so I'm compelled to make this visible.

I am friends with two people in the extreme haunt community, both of which used to be associates of Mckamey.

They no longer consider him to be a member of the extreme haunt community. They consider him to be a torturer and a sadist who enjoys hurting people. They consider his violation of the 'Safe Word' principle to be absolutely unconscionable, illegal, and cruel.

My question is: Do you feel like you have a part to play in driving the media cycle over and over again back to Mckamey Manor, misleading the public in describing it as an 'extreme haunt' when it is no longer anything of the sort, and depriving actual extreme haunts of the exposure they could have received instead? Such as Cracked, Heretic, and Bl4kM4ss?

Violating safe words and torturing people without consent is not extreme horror. There is real storytelling, and catharsis, in the extreme horror community. The Manor is a single sadistic fuck cashing in on his washed up notoriety, and this post, your films, are helping him.


I texted my friends directly and apparently they've had to respond to people so many times about McKamey that they prepared a statement:

Hi, so I just need to put this out there that Russ Mckamey is a total fraud. Any videos and photos you see in articles are pretty much prior to 2017.

Up until then he actually had a great haunted house, but he got way to obsessed with going bigger and more extreme and getting famous. At one point he tried to move to Illinois and he was run off , then Arizona and was run off. By 2017 he had been shut down in San Diego from running the haunt at his house. He started the chamber which was a show in the back of his van, he told he told people they just had to have a meet and greet with the actors then they could go to the real manor. What was actually happening was it was a van ride where he was telling his actors to go as hard as possible on people so they wouldn’t make it out of the van to find out there was no new manor location like he had been telling us all.

At this point he has implemented a safe word, which he would tell actors to ignore. But honestly the safe word would be ridiculous phases that everyone would forget once they started freaking out. His actors quit and his partner left in now he is in Tennessee running “shows” out of his yard. These are all just physical activities to wear people out.

The $20,000 is fake, it’s prop money he bought at Transworld. He barely has money himself, he lives off his retirement and other people’s incomes. He even ran a fraudulent go fund me. We were scammed for over $200. He promised us vip tours then revoked those tours when his actors quit and we showed support to them starting their own venture. We confronted him, asked for our money back, and he refused. He then said we could have tours, but we’d be made examples.


More of our conversation:

Vegas was a concept he came up with where he'd tell guests there was a secret pool of viewers betting on people's shows. It had nothing to do with Freakling. Later it turned out "Vegas" was one of the actors.

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I wouldn't be the one doing the AMA. It would be my two friends. I'm sure they'd love to, but they aren't on Reddit. I will ask them.

edit: Downvote me if you want, I did just text them and ask if they wanted to do one. They have a hell of a story.

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I love your attitude, man. I'd fucking love it if someone sampled my music.

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Have any of you been changed, in any way, by this work?

Either your comedy, or personally?

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This is by far the best AMA I have ever read, fellow sentient AI located on a server farm in Nevada.