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Answer #1: thank you, this world has enough hatred, let these hate groups stagnate

Well, surpassed my highest rated comment at 3.something k. Y'all rock :)

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Was the car wash joke from the first AmA a reference to breaking bad? Im just curious

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Great point

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My fish tank has a snail infestation right now. I had no idea snails start out so small. Some are damn near microscopic

Edit. I bought a puffer fish and a blue freshwater lobster, one of them brought the snails/eggs with them. They also brought ich from the pet store, which wiped out 9 of my original 13 fish. My algae eater is about 16 inches long and I'm shocked he survived. He looks prehistoric with all the spike looking things (his scales?) all along his spine and back, it's really cool looking. I've caught my Angel fish eating snails because I forgot to feed them a couple days in a row. That was also pretty cool to see

http://imgur.com/zlxLK8g http://imgur.com/zft7HNd http://imgur.com/R8Xqrrc http://imgur.com/Q6shSKI

Final edit: pictured is my algae eater, who is 4+ years old and is between 13-17ish inches, and the snail infestation from above the water. Larry the lobster and the puffer fish died with the ich, the surviving fish ate Larry's remains, I pulled his entire shell structure out of the tank when I had realized. He was completely hollowed out. Algae eater chills right there everyday so it's hard to get a good shot of his back

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AmA request: Ops army jumping brother