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I really wish that there's a first-person party-based dungeon crawler among your concepts ;)

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Hi, Warren! Thanks for doing an AMA :)

So, you often said that game makers should focus on making believable characters instead of believable guns, which is I wholeheartedly agree with.

But for that, one crucial (and tricky) thing to do is implementing believable conversation between player and characters.

Many modern games are using dialog trees or likes for it, and I think it's an inferior solution even than keyword systems in games like Ultima 5~6 (which you are worked on) and Wizardry 8.

How do you think games can be improved on this aspect? Should we wait the advent of super intelligent AI? Or do you think this could be achieved with some elegant design in near future?

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Yeah, I'm looking forward to it and waiting for final release ;)

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In my experience, many Unity-powered PC games, especially those with a big world to explore, have suffered from poor optimization and performance issues. I can't imagine someone realize a dynamic and huge underworld with first-person view in Unity without those issues.

Is Unity the engine for the final game, or only for the prototype purpose?