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thanks Judy.

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I was enjoying the free products 'in exchange for an unbiased review' which was obviously just all 5* reviews since you would not get much free stuff if you trashed everything. So good that this practice came to an end. However, as most people know, the companies now contact users off amazon, have the user buy and then reimburse once the review is made. Obviously they get a lot of 5* because they would likely stop responding if someone put a 2* review and then asked for their money.

I noticed that a lot of reviews that seem 'fake' now , at least to me, are the ones where the user puts some photos and writes a long descriptive overly positive review. I think these are related to the payback scheme outlined above. The real ones are generally less professional looking and more anecdotal. However, there are some people that go all out and are still legitimate, including photos and long winded descriptions. What is your thoughts on this and is there a way to determine which are legit and which are bogus among those lengthy reviews?