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Hey Kieran and Michael,

I don’t know if you guys remember me, (I say this because we were all really wasted), but after one of your shows at the Steppenwolf I was invited to get drunk, and play N64 and poker with you two upstairs in your dressing room. It was a really good time, and you’re both super cool and fun people to hang with. Since this is an AMA, I suppose I should ask some questions.

Michael: When can I get a rematch in Goldeneye? We were really even when it came to Mario Kart, but you kicked my ass in Goldeneye game after game and I need a rematch to redeem myself. I swear I’m not that bad at Goldeneye. (Also, I hope you are continuing to use the Rainbow Road shortcut in Mario Kart.)

Kieran: Can I buy you a drink next time you’re in Chicago? I remember you had a bottle of Lagavulin and I poured myself a very generous glass of it. I still feel kinda bad about it. Can I buy you a drink next time you’re in town so I no longer feel as bad and we can call things even?

When I saw This is Our Youth back in Chicago I thought it was fantastic and you both had such great performances and I wish you all the success while it is on Broadway. I encourage anyone out in New York to go see the play!



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Right back at ya! Hope everything is going well with This is Our Youth!

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Hey look it's the Jags Fan. No really it is.

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I hated the silver snakes. They were the Yankees/Man U of Legends of the Hidden Temple. It seemed like they won almost every time.