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skisagooner8 karma

Hello Panos Panay. First of all I'd like to congratulate you for that fantastic presentation for the SP3. I don't think I've seen a better presentation from Microsoft (Belfiore's come close!).

I'm big on aspect ratios, and am a big believer of the golden ratio, and waging a war on 16:9. The 3:2 aspect ratio really got me excited, so I'll like to ask some questions on the new aspect ratio that the Surface Pro 3 advocates.

  • 1) Why was it 16:9 in the first place? What changed?

  • 2) What are the reasons behind 3:2? Was it merely because of the similarity to that notepad? Or is it a Fibonacci thing? Why not a more familiar 5:3 or 16:10 then?

  • 3) Will you be encouraging other Windows laptop/tablet OEMs to follow suit with the 3:2 aspect ratio?

skisagooner4 karma

1) A company like Microsoft is expected to be an early adopter of USB-C to speed up mainstream adoption. When then, can we expect adoption of this tech from Microsoft?

2) How committed is the Surface team to the 3:2 aspect ratio? It's certainly better than 16:9 or 4:3 for me, but I still feel 16:10 is best. Is there a similar kind of aspect ratio commitment in the Lumias?

3) Why choose to omit the friction kickstand from the Surface 3?