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Isn't he? My fiance had never seen Kitchen Nightmares, and she happened to come into the room as I was watching it. She got drawn in and after about ten minutes she said "God, I thought Gordon Ramsey was mean..." As if her whole opinion had been changed.

Honestly, he wears his heart on his sleeve and he swears a lot, but he seems like a hell of a nice guy to me.

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Well yeah. The whole show is basically him desperately trying to help failing businesses. These people stand to lose everything if the restaurant goes under, and he's there to help them turn it around.

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No answers in the first 200 comments? Jesus.

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The player who Nolan Ryan pummeled was Robin Ventura. Are you just asking this as a hypothetical since Jose was a teammate of Ryan's?

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Dude, I work for Comcast. Don't BS me. Techs are just as crooked as anyone else. There are good techs, there are good DSRs and there are good CAEs. It's the nature of people... but techs aren't the saints of the company holding shit together.

I got a call from a customer who found a keylogger on his laptop that was installed by a Comcast tech (he had a pretty strong case for why he believed that) and he caught the same tech looking through his personal belongings in his bedroom. A room where the tech had no work to do. He kicked him out of the house, and rightfully so.