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We can't vote up, though you know, we wish we could.

EDIT: Dude, thanks for the Reddit Gold! I like to image the dudes from CTE saw this thread and bought us all a month of Gold for being so darn clever!

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I've heard of crop seed that kills itself after one growing season so that a farmer MUST pay for need seed. Aside from that, I do believe saving seed is illegal, is it not? My questions are:

  1. Is saving seed illegal and why?
  2. Do you find a living organism that is produced to feed humans, engineered to kill itself frightening and maybe a tad risky?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLYtKPUPYVc this Anti-flag song sums it up pretty good.

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What do you do with lenses after they've seen their last day? Is there a sacred graveyard for old broken lenses? Also.....could you take a picture of it?

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Crazy! I wonder if the manufacturers would buy back that glass from you.....Of course, they probably don't like what you guys are up to in the first place haha...