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My friend was killed by a Brinks truck when it turned right and rolled over her and her bike. How common are accidents with armored trucks?

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Yes. Source. Am a plant biologist.

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Holy moly.

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Have a look at teosinte. That’s corn’s great great great great granddaddy.


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On protein digestibility:

There is an old scoring method used called PDCAAS which is an adjusted amino acid score that attempts to report how good a protein is for you. It depends on the number and types of essential amino acids in a protein, and is adjusted for the digestibility of that food source.

This method was developed in the late 1980s and into the 1990s. It is still commonly used to calculate the nutrition facts on lots of items in the store. While there have been attempts to update it, as far as I know, nothing has tried to account for the gut microbiome.

So, on to my questions:

Do gut microbes provide any essential amino acids? Can microbiomes be altered to enhance the synthesis of essential amino acids?

Do variations in gut microbiomes alter how digestable a protein is?

I ask this last question, because I think that the digestibility of a protein is calculated by using rat feeding studies. I'm guessing that the rat gut microbiome and the human microbiome are markedly different. Thanks for any response.