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[wets himself]

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We hear that Putin is quite possibly the richest person in the world with $200-BILLION (or more, as quoted from his exiled banker, Sergei Pugachev, "everything that belongs to the territory of the Russian Federation, Putin considers to be his"), all stolen/extracted from the people of Russia. Do people inside Russia have any idea how much wealth he has pulled from their pockets while they weren't looking?

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serious question, with any of the "semen on skin" or "genital/oral skin on skin" forms of contact, aren't there still concerns regarding STDs such at HPV, herpes, etc? does one just roll the dice and count on a good immune system? (thank you for taking the time to post all this btw!)

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You're only just seeing the movie NOW?!? Oh man, sorry for your loss..

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What do you think of Fox, our local state propaganda "news"? Im baffled how Fox was allowed to lie for so many years before Trump and now there are millions of people who believe the constant and increasingly evil flow of Fox/Trump propaganda. How do you "unbrainwash" the brainwashed???