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Follow up question: How much spaghetti can you fit in a Mercedes?

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I used to wait tables in an afghani restaurant in college, and the owners were both afghani immigrants. during downtime I would read the onion, and neither of them could really understand the concept of a fake newspaper. The idea that someone would go to the trouble to write, produce and print a newspaper of completely made up stories just did not compute.

Every time, Shakeba (the cook) would pick it up, scrunch up her face, and say, "Why? Why they say this? What is this meaning?"

And every time I would say, "It's fake. It's just a joke." And she would narrow her eyes and nod and say ok, but then get just as confused the next time.

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Cultural acceptance. Laws aren't enforced by robots, but by people. Despite the fact that the founders attempted to make it painfully clear that the US is not a Christian nation, that's still how many people think of this country, and any attempt to actually separate church and state, especially insofar as it involves disrupting the status quo, is met with a ton of resistance.

So even though there are a lot of ways the evangelical church probably is in violation of the law, it's tolerated.

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I saw the Trainwreck open up for Vida Blue in Chicago about 5 years ago, but had no idea who you guys were and spent half your set being very, very confused what was happening, until I recognized you underneath the wig.

What's the story with that band?

Btw, you guys rocked.

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We call her Stink Eye in my house for the way she maintains eye contact with the chef while trying their food...