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To piggyback on this. Even if you aren't a blood type/antibody match, you can still join with him in an exchange program. Let's say he's an A and you are a B. They enter you into the computer to find a patient that needs a B and has a friend that wants to donate an A. So you swap. Your kidney goes to their recipient and their donor goes to Sam. There are other variations, but they are all something like that. You will save more lives than just Sam's. Not only that, but there are more potential matches out there than just the person that offers you. Even a blood type match can not match because of anti-bodies.

Source: I received a donor kidney in an exchange program.

Sam: If I'm right and you are in the Atlanta area, someone with a B kidney will be in very high demand. African-Americans are a group that badly needs kidneys because of risk factors like obesity and diabetes. B is the most common blood type for them. You would have a "great hand" in the exchange game.

Everyone else. If you are serious about this, stop smoking and doing all drugs. They will test you and reject you if you fail the test. Be in good health (they will test the hell out of you). No history of high blood pressure treated by multiple meds. No diabetes. No morbid obesity. Talk to your family and make sure you have the support you need to donate. This means someone to take care of you the two weeks after donation (they will require it). And OP can't pay you. Its illegal. And thank you so much for considering this. It saves a life. If you end up donating, your good health means you will probably live longer than the average American. And if you need a kidney, you are first in line for one. No wait.

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Goal in question. The announcing is awesome. So much passion.

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If Elizabeth Warren had not run, or had dropped out before voting began and it was clear she wouldn't catch Bernie, Bernie would have crushed it in Iowa and NH.

Seems like everything follows from this one assumption. Bernie was weak with college educated women, which was Warren's strength. Biden won college educated women handily once she dropped. This seems more like wishful analysis than rooted in the data.

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Good question. No. His insurance will cover the costs. Travel, lodging, a daily stipend, all the labs and hospital costs, followups, all of it. You will owe nothing.

I don't think the preferential treatment extends beyond the donor. They are left with just one kidney, so they gave up their spare. In all likelihood it won't matter, because they make sure the donor is in great health with low risk for chronic kidney disease.

You can always call the number and ask questions. If you are still interested, they will ask you some screening questions. If you pass those, they will mail you a kit for you to take to a local lab. They'll pay for the testing and if you are a blood and anti-body match, you will go to the hospital for a series of tests to make sure you are in good health with two good kidneys.

Thank you for even considering this. Even if this doesn't work out, consider being an altruistic donor that donates it to the universe. My kidney donor was one of those and it save my life.

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I suppose you want Assad not to be guilty of these horrible acts and therefore call others biased. That's ironic. She has avoided all political questions like that. Your assumption this is different is just your bias.