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the high amount of "redditor for 20 hours" accounts that are "fully" agreeing with everything that they post?

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lemme get this strait:

the guy finds a "secret" building in his property..

1.- he inspects the door

2.- he breaks the lock.. but lets not open that yet. first:

3.- he goes back inside and writes an article on his blog(where e regularly writes articles for ad money)

4.- he does an AMA on reddit advertising people to visit his blog

5.- he will let the night pass (how convenient that this gives enough people time to visit his AMA and his first article

6.- well yea.. he plans to open that up tomorrow??

color me unimpressed...

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do you have a partner (i guess the kids dad) and if so how is he coping with this?

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Providing impeccable customer service to patrons of a licensed store under the brand umbrella of Starbucks.

worked at starbucks

Educated junior-level baristas in best practices when preparing beverages and engaging customers.

trained baristas... with the usual barista tasks

Served 1000+ hot beverages per day in a high-stakes hospitality environment.

worked as a barista... just like all other baristas.

Coordinated 250+ daily orders for takeaway with the Starbucks App to swiftly optimize the user experience.

they had an app... just like every most other places

Ensured cleanliness and food safety in compliance with corporate and government regulations.

cleaned the place just like every other place out there that still has a licence.

so your job is basically providing template copypasted texts that implement meaningless buzzwords...

all of the above are the basic duties of a barista written in a way that will only impress a 15 year old kid and most likely trigger the "male bovine waste" detector of anyone who has been to a coffe shop.

i mean...

You demonstrated swift synergy improving greatly the situation of the inquired task by managing past experiences and applying them to the current challenge thus enhancing the user experience.

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haha! same here... i sold at 325 after like an eternity of rollecoasting 300-150...

like after 3 weeks it soared to 800 then to 1500 and now almost doubled again..

then again at that time it was the right decision for me as the stock was for a large amount of time basedon Elons moods, tweets and whacky adventures... it was not an investment but pure gambling on one guys Mood.

in hindsight its easy to get mad about it but i think i made the right decision as i want to "buy and hold" investments and not gambling stock.

i see it that way: in hindsight you know the lottery numbers but its wise not to invest in lottery tickets.