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I have literally nothing better to do being stuck in the house. If the choice is to disinfect a box of crackers so that I don’t have to police it later when my kids inevitably grab it and start eating without washing their hands between touching the box, crackers and then their mouth, why on earth wouldn’t I??

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Many people living with HIV are undetectable which means they cannot transmit the virus. There are also other reliable preventive options like PrEP and condoms. The same cannot be said for herpes.

While I certainly respect efforts to spread awareness and destigmatize, it’s ok to not want to contract herpes and I’m not sure how that fits into the narrative that it’s no big deal. For some people it is.

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They’re wrong. Be concerned.

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So coffee cups can be contaminated but no other food packaging can?? Where is the logic??

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Several university websites advise soaking produce in a mixture of bleach 2 tsp per gallon for 60 seconds to kill viruses. Are you saying this is misinformation?