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Can you imagine the Amazon staff meeting that nutted out these rules. Everyone debating whether a vampire is more capable of consent than a zombie, for instance. It would be a lot more interesting than an update on the staffing structure.

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Will you be able to eat and drink normally in future? You mentioned the feeding tube being temporary but is that because another more permanent tube will be put in later? Or just until you recover from your surgeries.

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Nz pipes up here too. Coffee plunger.

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I feel your pain. My osteoarthritis in my hip is moderate and I have an ill defined labral tear. Getting up from my office chair often gives me problems.

But the main issue day in day out is my knee. It is so so sore. And because of some medical and some legal restrictions, the only practical painkiller options for me are limited right now. Paracetemol, celecoxib and codeine is it.