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Thank you for responding! Perhaps less couch potato activism will give me less anxiety. I also wanted to mention that I urged my husband to be MySpace friends with you way back when because I was too nervous to do it. He made a comment about Abe vigoda at an Oprah gathering. I would like to apologize for that. I haven't watched your new show but I'll give it a shot now.

sixmilewidowspeak3 karma

Hi Martha! I was enamored with a movie you were in called Samantha. I also loved running on empty. I happen to follow you on twitter as well,as well as a few actors who hold the same views on politics as you. Although it's comforting to hear people share the same views as I but i wonder if it's too much discontent. I wonder if my views are keeping me from moving on. I'm a gay married man with a disabled sister who lives with us. I'd like to adopt. This presidency makes me scared and anxious but should we wait and see what happens? I've felt physically horrible since the election and feel exhausted thinking of it.

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We definitely will! One more thing if you have time. Were you in Madonna's Secret music video?