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sixesand7s190 karma

Does it piss you off that I comment "you should make _____ condoms" on every one of your posts regarding the new invention?

I started with the crocs-condoms one, got a bunch of upvotes, and now I can't stop. Won't stop.

sixesand7s46 karma

A) Calling the condoms for gamers useless made my day

B) Roger that, back to the drawing board.

sixesand7s17 karma

Do you take requests for making stuff? If so feel free to use:

1) Hole-y Bible, just a bible with holes cut out rendering it useless.
2) Condoms for gamers

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Hey I was looking through a telescope and found a very weird thing in the sky, I managed to take a picture here and was wondering if you could tell me what it was?

sixesand7s14 karma

I'm glad, I'll keep up the lords work then.