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Are you going to destroy my nice bike if I try to check it?

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Because the media continues to use the term incorrectly. Why do ESPN announcers keep calling their Surface tablets iPads?

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I'm actually taking a break from the hobby. There's an old adage about boats that says that boats are holes in the water into which you throw money. UAVs are the same, except boats rarely fall out of the sky and destroy your entire investment.

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I took my $1000 FlameWheel 550 that my Dad had built for me out to get a picture of the sunset, flew it up, and realized once it was airborne that I had parked in the way of a dirt road people needed to use. I tried to bring it down quickly, panicked, accidentally shut off the rotors and crashed it hard.

I kind of had a breakdown, since it was such a nice thing for my Dad to give me and I hated having harmed it, but he was chill about it. That's something you learn in the hobby: drones break. Anything you attach to a drone breaks. You're going to be repairing these things.

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Hopefully? Search and rescue, and maybe police use.

When I say police use, I think there are a lot of situations where Police feel the need to use deadly force because of an inherently hazardous situation. If we had a way to remove the officer from the situation, hopefully there wouldn't be the fear and we'd see less cases of police brutality, dog shootings, etc.