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sirloinfurr164 karma

Dr. Stein,

Firstly, I love you, the “Green New Deal,” and the end of your “Enough” video, where you're gleefully standing within a garden of beautiful marijuanna shrubs. I find your protest to save a woman's home that led to your arrest in Philadelphia corageous, noble, and heroic. You truly are fighting for the people of America.


As much as I love the “Green New Deal,” I am not convinced that it will reduce deficit. In fact, I think that it may increase the deficit, because it is such a drastic (and highly desired) tranformation.

And as much as I'd love to have my student debt forgiven, it is backed by the government, meaning that the government and tax payers would get the burden of paying off the student loans if they were forgiven.

So please provide some numbers on how The Green New Deal will help reduce the debt of our nation.