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What would you like your friends to do in that kind of situation? Maybe you can communicate to them what you would/wouldn't find helpful. I have been the friend reaching out and inviting someone holed up in their house to come join an outing, offering to cook for them, dropping off snacks, etc. and they would constantly reject my offers to help, which wore on me. Not saying this is your situation, but it is hard not knowing how to help someone or to keep trying to help someone who doesn't want your help.

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What you did/do is really lovely. You've inspired me to get back into volunteering again. Seniors are often neglected and feel very isolated in assisted living. Thanks for doing something so nice for others and thanks for sharing it with us. I hope the doggies enjoy doing visits, too!

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Try looking at it like this: the not eating is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself.

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Much respect to you. Growing up with a lot of kids with immigrant parents (Chinese, Korean, Indian), it seemed like what they wanted to do was irrelevant. It was just: go to an Ivy, get a respectable, high-paying job (doctor, lawyer, CPA, etc), then get married to someone with similar achievements and have babies. Not sure if that was your experience, but glad you are taking a risk and doing something that makes you feel alive

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I worked at one in NY. Two of the Sales leads/managers were men and most of the back room stock staff were men. They usually worked the cashwrap area and did rounds of the floors. Once in a blue moon a shy lady would confide that man working there made her feel uncomfortable, but on the other hand a LOT of solo male shoppers would breathe visible sighs of relief and feel more comfortable seeing that there males in the store. Most people didn't care either way.