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Not op but not many snakes are actually aggressive, they typically won't strike unless they are threatened and that is unlikely to happen unless startled, cornered or attacked.

My hobbies take me outdoors and into snake territory fairly regularly so when I'm in an area likely to have snakes I keep a very good watch out so as not to walk into one, move slowly making lots of noise with my steps. Never sick your hands where you can't see.

Whenever I have come across a snake it is usually from a distance, just give it space (and keep an eye on it) it will usually go off for cover it's self. If it doesn't I find another way.

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Just to even it up, I had talc plurodesis and a little of my lung resected about a year ago after a 100% pnumothorax that would not re expand with a chest tube.

It was a shitty week in hospital where I was scattered and tired but there was very little pain, I was back at work the next week and playing soccer again in 2. Overall better than the week I had in hospital with the chest tube in and now no chance of it happening again. So much so that if i had a pnumothorax on my other lung I would be pushing for them to just go straight to the plurodesis instead of chest tube and both that it doesn't happen again.

Also I flew from aus to the US 6 weeks after the pnumothorax, if xray shows no more pnumo flying is fine from the docs mouth

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There has been a lot of studies into it since the early days, I believe there has been a lot of development into the placement, voltage, frequency, repetition of the socks and the drugs used. Having seen the results first hand it can be a miracle. Seeing my sister go from complete and utter unresponsive depression/psychosis to her usual bubbly self within a couple of hours was amazing. Though it is not with out is side effects, short term memory loss the biggest (she can't really remember much for the year or two she was at her worst), and for her it was not a permanent fix until she found the right combination of drugs it was a month or two until she was back in need of another round of ect