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Username doesn't check out

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15% concentrated power of will

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With his resources it's 44 months. He'll get parole at the first opportunity because he is so well connected.

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About the best that's ever been tested was 20/08. Just think of it as a fraction.

20/20 = average

20/08 = 2.5 = incredible

20/50 = 0.4 = bad

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The absolute best drug education I ever had was a university newspaper article that straight out put the pros and cons of various drugs.

It meant you could make an informed decision. And a decision you can understand why you came to is one you can stick by.

For me, this was "Heroin isn't worth it. Dope and tobacco I can't handle b/c of the smoke. Ecstacy maybe but only in extreme moderation. Alcohol is fine, caffeine is fine. Anything really mind affecting (LSD, acid etc) is a hard no. And fuck the price of speed/cocaine"

Other drugs (meth, opiods) weren't really in the popular consciousness at the time.

Understanding that ecstacy borrows the chemicals that cause happiness from the future, but you have to repay them with interest; or that heroin induces bliss and pain relief but then causes mild to moderate lasting pain that takes ages to go away until you use more - these WORKED for keeping me away from drugs almost completely.