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I live in Denver. If your daughter's anywhere near my size, I have a women's dress around a size 2 or 4 in good condition she can have for Christmas.

Currently looking for work, but I'm baking holiday cookies & you're welcome to a batch. PM me.

Edit: or a home cooked meal if that would be better.

Edit2: Since this post has been removed & I never got a reply, the dress is going to someone else.

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No pm yet, but it looks like OP is new to reddit, so i think I'll send her one. I'm not sure if a motel would accept deliveries, but I have transportation.

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Just understand the situation.

Moved to CO escaping parental abuse & don't know anyone apart from my fiancé but I'm healthy, have a kitchen, and use cooking as therapy.

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True. Granted, it's almost 1 am here & if she's working 2 jobs & fell asleep I'm not going to hold it against her or her kids.

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That'd be amazing!

I have a dog who goes nuts for bones if you don't have a use for them. (Feel free to verify by stalking my posts in /r/dogtraining.)