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You are forced to live one sketch as your actual lives. Which one do you choose?

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Rob, thanks for doing an AMA! I have to ask: does your mom still have the 3AMMOM license plate I heard about? Or I guess did she ever have it in the first place? That's 100% something my own mom would do.

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Do you believe there's a lot of opportunity for someone who is self-taught in coding? I've been slowly teaching myself in downtime at my current job and sometimes - when I'm a whole new level of frustrated over whatever bit of code isn't working - I wonder if it'll ever pay off.

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Hi John!

Your music was the soundtrack to my childhood - tons of kickass memories of me and my mom rolling around in her 1995 Dodge minivan. Your music was a main influence on my love for it, so thank you for that.

What's your music inspiration? Who do you listen to when you're alone? Do you have a guilty pleasure?

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As another female trying to independently learn coding in the Midwest, I concur.