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Yo Paul & Brad,

Two questions:

  1. Given the number of times we've seen services/apps between Google and Microsoft become defunct "out of nowhere", which hyped up services/apps do you think will fail to sustain for the next 5 years?
  2. PWA with standard JS technology, Native, WASM. Which do you predict will be the victor in this race?

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If you never decided to get into filmmaking, what would your passion(s) be instead?

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First of all,

I applaud the entire team for the amazing efforts put into browser. I've been using Canary and Dev since they were first available and have loved the performance of the browser. Now on to my questions:

1) When will the Windows ARM64 packages come through properly? Currently, the installer is still downloading and installing the x86 version of the browser although it's properly named like the ARM64 package.

2) Do you all foresee a day where IE will FINALLY disintegrate? I'm enjoying the fact that I can have IE mode enabled at work (Third party vendors hate putting in work to update things), but I would totally be happy to see a day where I wouldn't have to put in some sort of weird hack for IE.


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Well now that you've revealed that you're a bass player, who are your influences?

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Thanks for the reply! Can y'all let us AAPC folk know when an official package is ready for ARM64? I'd love to be able to grab the latest ARM64 builds through the installer :).