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What are your thoughts on bitcoin?

I know you've mentioned it a while back on the podcast, but since then, it has really exploaded (price nearing an all time high of $90 at this very min). New people are getting introduced to it everyday, more and more merchants are adopting it as an accepted form of payment, and the attention it's recieving has never been higher (especially with all the news surrounding Cyprus). If you could so kindly help increase awareness by mentioning it again on the podcast or maybe even have your company Onnit (www.onnit.com) start adopting bitcoin payments, that would be so awesome!

Love the podcast btw. I'm a huge huge fan dating back to your Newradio days.

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How can I send you money?

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if you can fight a zombified version of any current/past MMA fighter, who would it be? How would you approach the fight?