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simplemathtome12 karma

The only two things that I am not sure about when it comes to 911 is the testimony of that janitor who was the last out of the building and the testimony of Norman Manetta.

Can you put my mind at ease? It's entirely possible that Rodriguez is lying for the publicity, but Manetta's testimony that Cheney was in the bunker and the stand down order was not even included in the official report (it says that cheney showed up at 10 instead of 930 when Manetta said), but maybe that's immaterial.

About the pentagon, I have heard some people say that it would not be possible for a jet to fly so close to a roadway without sending cars flying, is this true? (I would not have thought of this had I not just watched a mythbusters where they flipped a car with a jet engine from 100 ft. away). The other thing that is a bit fishy about the pentagon are the security cameras that the CIA confiscated and never returned, what are your thoughts on that.

Do you think that the Pop. Mech. explanation of building 7 is convincing, I guess I can believe that shoddy engineering + fire = collapse, but it's still a bit troubling.

What are your thoughts on Mike Ruppert? He says that 911 is an inside job, but believes that the collapses are possible without planted explosives. Personally, I believe that ignorance on the part of the security agencies and gov. officials is much more likely, but it's not impossible...

Sorry this started out as two questions and turned into 5.