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Hey! Good to know that you found something that helps your condition.

I've got a really stupid question, I've read that the human body is 70% water, didn't that 'water' caused an allergic reaction in you?

Thanks, take care!

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Hello, hope you're all doing well, here's my question:

Do you think it's useful for a wannabe game designer to gather a decent knowledge of all game development areas (3d, visual art, music and sound, programming, marketing, etc...) Or do you think it would be better (in terms of employability) to specialize?

Thanks and take care!

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Hello! In your opinion, what's the most useless and most intelligent defense system from an animal against predators?

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Hello! Respects to you and your grandfather.

As someone aspiring to be a game designer, how do you think that the situations that happened during WWII should be represented in art? That's including movies, tv series, music, literature, videogames, etc... ; and what effect do you think mis-representations of that period of history have on people?

This questions comes because of the recent controversial video from "Extra Credits", one of the most known channels about game design theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCj8llyzfWo