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Hi! Thank you for being available for AMA. This might be different question than what you’ve intended, but I just need someone else’s opinion as I’m being shut down by my hospital and program.... I’m a resident physician in a NY program. Many of my co-residents are ill with covid like symptoms or in quarantine. We are not being tested because we don’t meet the hospitalization criteria. We are asked to work after being afebrile for 24 hours. We have not geolocalized our ICU for covid patients yet so they are in all the icus with potential exposure to other patients and staff. I’m not sure what the best way to go is, but I don’t think we are doing the best job for our people and our patients. What do you think? What is your ideal scenario? What can we do better?do you think surgical masks are enough for health care providers given healthy Chinese doctors ( in the 20s) have died from this while wearing Hazmat suits?