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Not OP's spine. Your spine is retroperitoneal (so unless they went digging shouldn't be visible

What you see in the photos are

  1. abdominal retractors holding the abdomen open - in shorter surgeries the retractor is held by the most junior doctor (a great honour if you're a med student, annoying pain in the arm if you're a trainee), in surgeries like this, the retractors are on a frame screwed into the table.

  2. just below the retractor is subcutaneous fat and the fascial layer (and peritoneal layer but not exactly visible as separate layers).

  3. The red bit is a loop - loops can be used to delineate objects - sometimes tiny loops placed round vessels to ensure you remain aware of them, bigger loops can be round the organ

Inside the abdomen

  1. in the foreground is the liver which is in the process of separating the lobes.

  2. The thin white thing on the liver is the falciform ligament.

  3. at the top, pale pink is the diaphram (as viewed from below)

  4. to the top right of the pictures the yellow bits are omentum (the policeman of the abdomen)

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I have performed ECT ( junior doc psych rotation) and now am a surgeon in training. Brilliantly put!

I've seen patients who rave about how much it gave them their lives back when they got to the point where meds weren't doing it.

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This is the first time I've heard of the app and I've just downloaded it. I wonder what the vetting process is for cases. Is it only unusual cases that you post or do you include regular ones for doctors just starting out as well?

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Quick skim I read that as "axe body spray" and thought that's a shit mace alternative.

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You can't say you're "loathe to enter...." after stating you are anti-Corbyn and then give your personal opinion.

You obviously have a clear agenda with your book.

Don't hide behind such weasel words.

I'm not for any political party, I'm very new to the UK and all of politics is still confusing to me, but this "anti-Semitism in the Labour party" line and blaming Corbyn is ridiculous.

I am not anti-semite (to be honest, my country hasn't got any jews but we have Christians, Hindus, Muslims, shango Baptists, rastafari, and whatever else people want to be) and I am the first to admit I don't know anything of the situation between Israel and Palestine.