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Great way to insert humor into the games. Were any of your lines improv and how did you come up with them?

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Have you or your group studied any other genres besides FPS or the ones already mentioned?

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Sorry, my next question was right before your response. Thank you for your answers as I'm genuinely curious.

Notice this anywhere internationally or do you think this is mostly a U.S. problem / view?

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...the American Jewish community: an inability to speak openly and honestly (and respectfully) about Israel.

(I might seem ignorant asking this...)

Any idea why? Are they afraid?

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There is an existential fear for Israel's destruction, and that fear creates a situation in which people view the conflict as a zero-sum game. You're either with us, or against us.

Those who feel this way view anyone who might legitimize boycotts as a nonviolent form of protest as against us. Which is why I was barred from speaking, I believe.

Is this a majority / significant view? What about international vs US?