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For sure. Season 1 episodes showed more of this though. There would be 10 minutes of designing, building, trial and error to get a working machine. Now it's 'We need a robot to juggle cats', 3 second montage, 'Here's our robot to juggle cats'.

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TL;DL The Japanese tend to treat homes as virtually disposable. Average home age in Japan is around 30 years vs 100+ in the US. There are a variety of factors, but the upshot is a lot of work in architecture and construction.

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Why are factory farms bad?

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I think OP is referring to other car's paint left on the car as a result of a scrape, not a gouge in the nice car's paint.

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It raised some good points on the many factors of nutrition, however I still don't see how it was an indictment of Supersize Me. The two documentaries a complementary. If Spurlock's diet didn't regularly reach 5000 calories a day, the film's point (large portions and few vegetables are bad) still stands. Average American exercise combined with eating a McDonalds combo meal 3x per day, 3000-4000 calories as claimed by Fat Head, leads to weight gain. That moderation can lead to weight loss surprises nobody. A Kansas State university nutritionist lost weight on a moderate Twinkie and Doritos diet. The distinction is that a large combo meal every day is not moderate but is common. A single meal with a few hundred excessive calories may go unnoticed but adds up over time. That was the takeaway that I remember.