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How did you like your performance in sin city? Was it fun to play such a creature?

I think you were great.

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It is not "the germans" who tell Spain you what you must do. It is the german government and the IMF. As a german I feel that most germans agree that this policy is wrong and will cause more trouble than good.

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Do you think it is fair to compare germanys' educational system to that of that of the US without mentioning that germans pay about 50% of their income on taxes () and social fees (healthcare, rent, etc)?

People with a higher education pay for their education in higher taxes for the rest of their life instead of fees for a student loan for 10 - 20 years.

Also most of german Universities can be considered average with close to no competition between universities.

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Efficiency of renewable energy sources is a very difficult question as the don't use a fuel as primary energy carrier. So you have to ask more specific. e.g.:

Wind Turbines take up a lot of space, so their power per unit of space ratio is poor.

Wind is rather inexpensive onshore but very expensive offshore.

The ratio of kinetic energy taken from the primary energy carrier (wind) and transformed to electricity is superior to every other renewable except maybe water power or very exotic and expensive solar panels.

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Pirates used eye patches to be always adapted to dark environments with one eye.