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Literally just signed up to ask this question because I think it's interesting to think about. I also asked on Twitter, and I'm nothing if not repetitive and persistent and redundant.

In order to give context for the laypeople out there: if we had the same intelligence & instruments, what would we know about Earth if we looked from a TRAPPIST exoplanet?

EDIT: Wow, thanks to everyone for the lovely comments and to /u/Mr_Sassypants for the gold! I don't know what it does, but I do appreciate it! Is everyone's first day on Reddit this welcoming?

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Thanks! I wonder now if the more interesting question would have been: what would an astronomer on a TAPPIST exoplanet know about the Sol system, assuming they had our intelligence and equipment?

Perhaps Venus and Mars would fall into Sol's habitable zone, and further investigation would be required to determine whether or not they are able to harbor life as we know it?

I think Dr. Werner's reply is fascinating because it highlights not only how lucky we are to have discovered these exoplanets, but also how much more there is to know.

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Thank you, Dr. Werner!