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Thank you for your contribution to science! Where can we read about what you do?

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I really can’t stand people like you. I think it’s a lot to ask people who have had to suffer the abuse and hate of racism to then have to educate those who hate and abuse them. Should children try to explain to pedophiles why what they do is wrong? Please take that shit elsewhere.

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You sound super fucking sincere. You’re a [email protected]#% for attempting to use his mental illness as an insult. Which is also right in line with the rest of the fools he duped you know the ones you claim you’re smarter than but you’re clearly still a shit person. You might have noted how open he was about his mental health as a clear sign he’s not ashamed of it. Fuck off.

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I can very quickly tell you I have no tolerance for bull shit and gas lighters. I’m glad you picked up on all of that right away. I believe in compassion, I believe in turning the other cheek, but you don’t have a right to chastise OP or anyone if that’s not their way. There are a lot of hurt people in this world because of racism. Everyone handles hurt differently.

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My hope is that is the approach you’re taking, since you clearly feel passionately enough about it to chastise someone on the Internet for it. /S