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I wish I could get someone interested in the same type of project but from the perspective of chronic pain patients that this heroin/fentanyl crisis is damaging. The war on drugs is really just "we figured out how to make money on both ends of the equation." The number of CPP's driven to suicide after having their meds taken or involuntarily tapered is way bigger than people think.

One thing I experience often is being treated like a drug seeker in the ER when I'm having an attack of pancreatitis. Did you encounter many people trying to work ERs for drugs during filming, or was it all stuff coming in from other countries in the form of fentanyl or fentalogues?

sickbeautyblog6 karma

Yes, and also people faking injury in order to get pills to sell.

I typed out a longer explanation but don't want to clutter your q&a with my depressing story. Enough to say even when you have a documented history of a very painful disease, going to the ER is a lesson in learning to suffer silently at home next time.