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If it was your last day on earth and you were making a sandwich, what would be in it?

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Lol I'm sorry about that. Any sandwich, any day, there.

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What's your favourite dog breed?

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Hello Max! My Mam and me are loyal and addicted watchers of Catfish here in the UK. We love the bromantic friendship that you and Neve have especially.

Catfish has really diversified now in terms of the spins and surprises that are happening.

My questions are :

  1. Have there been any filmed episodes of Catfish that you haven't been able to air and why?

  2. What's your favourite breed of dog? Mine is Miniature Schnauzer, here are my two, Ralphy and George http://imgur.com/lXbrWba

  3. What's the most unexpected highlight you had while filming WAYF?

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What do you want the management to take away from this AMA?